API overview and usage

The Advanced Fault Detection (AFD) API is used to detect anomalies in complex and repetitive systems. For instance, it could be used to anticipate failures in pump motors, drives or robotic arms. It leverages unsupervised machine learning techniques to model the expected normal behavior of a system. Then, it uses this model to detect abnormal behavior that allows to anticipate a failure of the system. This document provides a general tutorial for users who want to consume the Advanced Fault Detection API.


The Advanced Fault Detection API includes 4 services:

  • Learn the model from historical data (createModel).
  • Calibrate the created model to the desired false positive rate (finalizeModel).
  • Apply the model on new data and detect faults (applyModel).
  • Get information on an existing model (getModelInformation)

How it works

Hands-on application

Take the tour and experiment on your own data prior to any development through our hands-on application ! https://try-analytics-se.azurewebsites.net/afd