API overview and usage

This document explain the usage of the Building Energy Modeling API. This API automatically identifies the best thermal model for a building, a plant in order to assess energy savings, to detect abnormal energy consumption. The typical use cases of the API are :

  1. build a baseline model of a building using the “thermal signature” models recommended by ASHRAE and IPMVP, 2. build a target model using the same mechanism (assuming the user has created simulated target data) 3. follow-up the baseline and target models of a building – in particular to detect faults and to compute savings The thermal signature of a building describes the energy consumption of a building considering external temperature. Basically it models how much energy a building will require for heating when external temperature is cold (heating degree days, HDD) and how much energy it will require for cooling when external temperature is hot (cooling degree days, CDD).\n\nThe heating change point is the outside air temperature below which the heating system is on. The cooling change point is the outside air temperature above which cooling system is on. There are five basic types of change point models according to ASHRAE guideline 14, appendix D4 (2 parameters, 3 parameters (heating), 3 parameters (cooling), 4 parameters, 5 parameters). This document provides a general tutorial for users who want to consume the Building Energy Modeling API.


The Building Energy Modeling API includes 4 features:

  1. Create a building energy model (thermal signature of the building) from a dataset containing several drivers (e.g. external temperature) and an energy consumption measure (createModel endpoint).
  2. Apply a previously generated model over a new dataset to forecast the energy consumption out of the provided drivers (applyModel endpoint).
  3. Get metrics telling if a model is good enough to compute savings (assessModelQualityForSavings endpoint).
  4. Get information on an existing model (getModelInformation endpoint).

How it works

Hands-on application

Take the tour and experiment on your own data prior to any development through our hands-on application ! https://try-analytics-se.azurewebsites.net/bem