EcoStruxure™ Building Data API provides access to building data from Schneider Electric cloud, enabling the monitoring and control of building systems in real-time. The API empowers building owners, developers, and solution partners to create new digital solutions for buildings.

API overview and usage

This API enables the following operations:


  • Check occupancy of a space or workspace
  • Check attendance of a space
  • Generate occupancy report


  • Check and control A/C
  • Check and control blinds & shutters
  • Check and control lightings
  • Check comfort level, CO2, humidity, temperature, noise, brightness, and COV


How to sign up

Step 1: Register or login with an Exchange account.

Step 2: Subscribe to the API product in our Shop.

Step 3: After subscription, API credentials and usage details for the API are available in developer portal.

Authentication guide

This API supports the following authentication mechanism. If you are an ISV requiring access to Schneider Electric customer data then use Oauth2 Authorization Code Grant authorization schema, if you are a Schneider Electric customer using the API to access your own data then use Personal Access Token authorization.


OAuth2 Authorization flow

Security Scheme Type: OAuth2
Flow type: authorizationCode
Token URL: https://api.exchange.se.com/ecostruxure/v1/oauth/token
Refresh URL: https://api.exchange.se.com/ecostruxure/v1/oauth/token
  • read:occupancy -

    Read access to building occupancy data

  • read:comfort -

    Read access to building comfort data like humidity, noise, temperature, etc.

  • read:control -

    Read access to building controls like lights, blinds & shutters and A/C

  • write:control -

    Write access to building controls like lights, blinds & shutters and A/C

  • offline_access -

    Maintain access to data offline.


Personal access token based authentication and authorization. You can generate personal access token for APIs through Schneider Electric Developer Portal.

Security Scheme Type: HTTP
HTTP Authorization Scheme bearer

Code Samples

You can leverage the code samples provided to integrate the API faster in your application.

Version History

Version Notes
1.3.0 Following comfort measurements are added.
  • Pressure
  • Particles < 1µm
  • Particles < 2.5µm
  • Particles < 4µm
  • Particles < 10µm
1.2.0 Following comfort measurements are added.
  • Noise
  • COV (or VOCs for "Volatile organic compound") concentration
  • Brightness
1.1.0 Response structure updated to include space id and timestamp across all resources.
1.0.0 Initial version.


Contact the SE Exchange support team at exchange.support@se.com and include,

- Endpoint URL

- Request/Response of the URL

- Any additional information like Screenshots, Postman collections