EcoStruxure™ Energy and Sustainability Scoring Partner API allows Building Performance Score Providers to collect, manage and benchmark buildings measurement data in order to deliver energy and sustainability performance scores to Schneider Electric customers registered with scoring partner application.

API overview and usage

This API enables the following features:

Sites metadata

  • Retrieve all sites belonging to which the connected user has access, along site metadata needed for performance scores calculation (e.g. gross area, building occupants, operating hours, etc)

Meters and measurement types

  • Retrieve all meters installed at a given site, including the list of measurements and units they support

Sites registration

  • Allow the Scoring Partner, to register a site providing the scores related details and thus starting automatically a data pipeline to collect all timeseries related information

Time series

  • Retrieve all timeseries for any given site and for an arbitrary time period
  • Room comfort data: zone temperature, humidity, CO2
  • Energy consumption: active energy (kWh), reactive energy (kVar)

Performance Scores

  • Provide Performance Scores for a given site and read current and historical scores
  • Supported Types: Daily, Monthly, Average, Local Average
  • Supported Categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation, Human Experience, Re-Entry

How it works

This API works for any Schneider Electric customer who has an identity in Schneider Electric system, and site data associated with its identity.

The following steps will explain how the API works,

Step 1: In order to access the customer data, the customer must identify themself and provide their consent to the scoring application.

Step 2: Enquire all the sites which the customer is authorized to calculate the performance scores.

Step 3: Enquire meters and timeseries measurements for a selected site.

Step 4: Calculate the scores based on the building measurement data received from Schneider Electric.

Step 5: Update the performance scores calculated for the given site back to Schneider Electric.

How it works