EcoStruxure™ Energy LEED Scoring & benchmarking Data API allows customers to configure buildings that need benchmarking by calculating performance scores using the building energy and sustainability data.

API overview and usage

This API enables the following operations:


  • Retrieve all sites to which the connected user has access, along site metadata needed for performance scores calculation (e.g. gross area, building occupants, operating hours, etc.)

Performance Scores

  • Allow the user to request site for performance score calculation
  • Read current and historical scores for a given site
  • Supported Types: Daily, Monthly, Average, Local Average
  • Supported Categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation, Human Experience, Re-Entry

How it works

This API works for any Schneider Electric customer who has an identity in Schneider Electric system, and site data associated with its identity.

Step 1: In order to enquire the customer data, a Personal Access Token (PAT) has to be generated from the Exchange Developer Portal on the product page after subscription.

The customer will have to provide their consent while generating PAT to share the building measurement data with scoring partner.

Step 2: Enquire all the sites which the customer is authorized to calculate the performance scores.

Step 3: Send requests to calculate the performance score for a given site.

Step 4: Fetch all current and historical scores.

High-level flow diagram


How to sign up

Step 1: Register or login with an Exchange account.

Step 2: Subscribe to the API product in our Shop.

Step 3: After subscription, API credentials and usage details for the API are available in developer portal.

Code Samples

You can leverage the code samples provided to integrate faster in your application.


Contact our Exchange support team at exchange.support@se.com and include,

- Endpoint URL

- Request/Response of the URL

- Any additional information like Screenshots, Postman collections

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