EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert Data API has been designed to give you access to the key data of your buildings and equipment:

  • Energy and comfort data to improve energy performance and sustainability of your entire buildings portfolio and to ensure comfort of occupants
  • Key processes and equipment instant data to prevent downtime and to enhance its reliability
**Ensure business continuity of your key equipment** In the event of an equipment fault, you can easily be notified and access to the instant data from your connected equipment for remote analysis

Improve energy efficiency and sustainability of your building portfolio Gain visibility on relevant energy data to reduce your consumption and improve your building's performance.

API overview and usage

This document explains the usage of the Facility Expert API. This allows you to get instant data from your equipment / buildings connected to the Facility Expert cloud:

Sites information and assets topology:

  • Site information, including devices topology and measurements - The assets dataset contains the topology of assets within each site

Time series:

  • Room comfort data: zone temperature, humidity, CO2 - Energy consumption: active energy (kWh), reactive energy (kVar) - Electrical parameters: voltage, power demand and frequency - LV switchboard / MV switchgear condition data: thermal and hygrometry monitoring


  • Room comfort alarms/alerts - Load status and alerts: power loss, overload, load stop, trip - Phase loss and/or voltage loss alert - Cable overheating - And many other pre-configured alarms for low voltage/ medium voltage Schneider Electric equipment

Please note that you need to be pre-authorized by Schneider-Electric to use this API. This document provides a general tutorial for users who want to consume the Facility Expert API.

How it works

Thanks to this API, a Schneider Electric customer/partner can remotely access to the near real time energy, equipment and room comfort data collected in the Facility Expert cloud. Prior to accessing the data, connected architecture compatible with Facility Expert need to be installed and commissioned on site.

In a site there could be one or several gateways / controllers and connected architectures, depending of the complexity of the installation. Before configuring the Facility Expert API you need to:

  1. Order a Facility Expert subscription allowing to access the API
  2. Activate the service on top of the connected architectures using Facility Expert app
  3. Then let’s use the following documentation to configure the API.