API overview and usage

This document explains the usage of the FESB API. This API allows to get Instant KWH, Historical KWH, and Temperature (1 per hour) for all sites benefiting from the FacilityExpert SB system. Please note that you need to be pre-authorized by Schneider-Electric to use this API. Contact your Schneider Electric account manager for more information. This document provides a general tutorial for users who want to consume the FESB API.

How it works

Thanks to this API, a Schneider Electric partner can remotely have access to energy & temperature data collected by different FacilityExpert SB systems. Of course, this partner must prior be granted access to the systems he wants to request the data for.

A site is a small commercial building. In a site there could be one or several systems, depending of the complexity of the installation. A program is a set of sites that makes sense to be monitored as a whole for the partner. It could be a building, a set of buildings, a store chain, … The data that can be queried through the community API are: 1. Energy data : energy consumption (Wh) by hour/day/month and instant power (W) 2. Temperature data (°C), by hour Consent of the site occupant must be collected by the partner. When the occupant gives its consent, it means he agrees to have its energy & temperature data collected by the system. Once the partner has collected the consent from a site occupant, he must record it in through the Schneider Electric API. Only after that, the data are started to be collected & stored in our system.