Wiser Home is an internet connected smart home control system focusing primarily on heating but also allowing control of smart plugs, lighting, and shutters, with further device types planned for the future. The system allows multi-zone heating control whereby a user’s home may be divided into ‘rooms’, each being capable of individual temperature control.

Wiser Home Essential API that is available to our partners and describes how any HTTPS enabled client (e.g. an App, Browser, Python script, etc.) can retrieve current and historical data about the Wiser Home system and perform certain control actions such as changing the heating set point. The API is web-based and deals exclusively with the HTTPS Protocol and JSON-encoded text in HTTP request/response bodies.

API overview and usage

This API enables the following features:


  • List of the hubs accessible from this API


  • List the rooms in a system
  • For a given room
    • Show the current and historical heating setpoint and ambient temperature
    • Get and set the heating setpoint schedule
    • Get and set the current heating setpoint
    • List the devices associated with the room


  • List all the devices in a system
  • For a given device
    • Show it’s type e.g. Thermostat, Smart Plug, Electrical Heating Actuator
    • Show the current and historical energy consumption for Smart Plugs and Electrical Heating Actuator

Smart Plug

  • List all Smart Plug devices
  • For a given Smart Plug
    • Show it’s current on/off state
    • Turn it on or off


  • List all Lighting devices
  • For a given Light
    • Show it’s current on/off and dimming (if supported) states
    • Turn it on or off, and set the dimming level if the device supports dimming


  • List all Shutter devices
  • For a given Shutter
    • Show its current level
    • Set the level


How to sign up

Step 1: Register or login with an Exchange account.

Step 2: Subscribe to the API product in our Shop.

Step 3: After subscription, API credentials and usage details for the API are available in developer portal.

Authentication guide

This API supports the following authentication mechanism:

Personal Access Token Flow

This authorization mechanism is intended for end users who are using the API to access their own data in Schneider Electric's ecosystem. Upon purchasing the API, end users can generate a Personal Access Token directly from the Exchange DevPortal.

How to Generate a Personal Access Token

  1. Log in to the Exchange DevPortal.
  2. Navigate to the API product you have subscribed to.
  3. Locate the "Generate Personal Access Token" section and follow the on-screen instructions to create your token.

How to Use the Personal Access Token

Once you have generated your Personal Access Token, you can use it as a Bearer Token to authorize your API calls.

curl -X GET "https://api.exchange.se.com/ecostruxure/wiser-home/partner/v1/hubs" \

     -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN"

Your Personal Access Token serves as a credential that grants you access to your own data. Ensure that you keep it secure and never share it publicly.


Contact our Exchange support team at exchange.support@se.com and include,

- Endpoint URL

- Request/Response of the URL

- Any additional information like Screenshots, Postman collections

Get help from the community here.